Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Highly Recommend: Padilla and Sons Kimonos


Several of you have asked us recently for uniform recommendations. Many are buying a second gi to work into their rotation, but understandably don't want to take out an additional line of credit to purchase one.

After doing some research for a new gi online, I came across a small, family-owned shop out of California, called Padilla & Sons Kimonos (pronounced pah-dee-yah). Their uniforms are reasonably-priced (below Atama, Krugan, Vulcan, Koral, et al), and the customer service was excellent (they sent me detailed washing instructions and thanked me personally for purchasing their brand).

I received my uniform in the mail today and it definitely exceeded my expectations. It fit really well (cut like a jiu-jitsu uniform) and didn't shrink much after the first wash.

Check them out online at www.matrat.us. Click here for a review. Definitely consider them when you go to buy your next gi.  

See you all on the mat -- tomorrow night!

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  1. I meant to post earlier, but I wanted to check out my new KAGI GI. But it is very nice! Very soft on the inside of the jacket, Thigh down padding, did not shrink to much. And is a Lexington Ky company!