Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Class Photo


Excellent work on the mats yesterday -- and a good way to start off 2009. We had an awesome class that focused on some good cardio in the beginning and then transitioned into the drop ippon-seionage. After that, instructor Scott covered a self-defense technique (bear hug from behind -- over the arms) and took your questions which led into us working some guard recovery drills.

As always, we ended with several rounds of free training. Remember to stay focused on your technique especially when you're exhausted. That's how you improve!

In addition, four new students will be joining us on the mats on Monday! We'd like to welcome them to the SCMA family and make sure to introduce yourselves.

Reminder -- New SCMA Class Photo

We plan to take a new class photo next Saturday at 12:15 p.m. -- after the kids class and before the adults class. Please make every effort to attend the photo session, even if you have to leave afterwards.

That's all for now -- keep up the great work and we'll see you on the mats tomorrow night!


The SCMA Instructor Team

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