Friday, February 6, 2009

Give it up for Craig and Scott...


It's a great honor for us to announce that tomorrow we have two students who are testing for their blue belts. Craig Conard and Scott Sale have been training for a long time now and have been diligent in their efforts to perfect the blue belt curriculum.

Both arrived at this point on different paths but are on the same journey. Craig, a long-time friend and neighbor of instructor Scott Smith, was one of the first students at our Academy. Scott was one of my original students. Both are shining examples of what you can accomplish with hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, and consummate skill. This is only the beginning.

To say we're proud of them would understate the feelings we have going into tomorrow. It's their time to shine and we're looking forward to seeing what we know they're capable of producing.

So, let's cheer them on. It's the philosophy our Academy represents and the type of environment in which we want to thrive as martial artists and as people.

We'll see you all on the mat tomorrow. 

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