Saturday, October 25, 2008

Class Log: Oct. 25 -- Harai-Goshi Throw, Guard Replacements from Attempted Pass


Nice job today on the mats! Instructor Scott covered a new judo throw (
Harai-Goshi) to incorporate into your game as well as some ways to replace your guard after the person has almost (and the key is almost) passed.

"Harai" means "
sweeping action with the leg or foot," and the throw is demonstrated in the attached video, courtesy of Mike Swain:

Here's another look at the throw being demonstrated in MMA competition (if you want to skip ahead, it's at the 4:31 mark):

In addition, instructor Scott covered a few guard replacements. Remember, 
your opponent needs to close the space to pass and you need to create space in 
order to replace. 

Let's use the under the leg pass as an example. As your opponent
goes under one leg to pass to side control, make a frame with both of your hands
on his shoulder and hip. Keep a strong arm structure the entire time. Using your hands to create a frame, now drop the knee of the leg on your opponent's shoulder so that your leg is parallel with your opponent's belt, and your foot is hooking his hip. Now, swing your outside leg over your opponent's head and place your foot on his other hip. You now have both feet controlling your opponent's hips. 

Variation #1:

Another way to do this is as your opponent attempts to pass (let's assume he's going under your right leg), use your right hand to cup his armpit on the same side. Elbow escape to your right to regain guard control.

Here's a video of today's class that will help summarize the techniques we covered: 

Again, great job everyone. We'll see you on the mat -- Monday night! 

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