Saturday, October 4, 2008

What's Your Plan B?


This is an excellent example of attacking by combination. Too often we get tunnel vision; a hard focus on one line of offense. Think about it the next time you train. Did you miss that arm bar or sweep because of your speed, technique or timing....or, was it he wrong move at the wrong time?

Instead, once your body is able to execute a move smoothly without resistance, attempt it in "live-time" but always have a back-up, or Plan B. In the beginning of this process, you may only have one back-up move. For instance, upa to elbow escape, or vice versa. Later in your training, and as you progress, you develop not only a Plan B, but you also have a Plan C, D, E, F....and so on.

The video below is an example of this in action.

See you all on the mat -- later today!

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