Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Class Log: Oct. 6 -- Walking Throws, Butterfly Guard Pass


Great work on the mats Monday night! We'd like to first thank Allan Manganello for joining us in class. He's the one who brought jiu-jitsu to Louisville and is the primary reason all of us are able to train today. If you didn't have a chance to work with him seek him out next time. You'll learn so much from working with him.

Scott began class with several warm-ups, then transitioned into some walking judo throws. Remember, once you've established your grips, you first take a step back with your left foot. At the same time, your partner steps forward with his right foot. You'll then take a step back with your right foot as your partner steps forward with this left foot.

Then, take one more step back with your left foot as you pivot on your right foot and throw. It's a 1-2-3 count, where you pivot and throw on 3. We worked the ippon seionage and morote seionage for this initial series.

Butterfly Guard Pass

After throws, Scott covered a simple and effective butterfly guard pass. When your opponent transitions to butterfly, it's important that you first block with your head by putting it on your opponent's chest. Your right hand will grab on his back and you'll use your elbow to isolate your opponent's left arm. Keep your elbow in tight at all times.

Your left hand will grab at the bottom of your opponent's gi bottoms on his right leg and keep constant pressure down towards the floor. From here, step away with your left foot and sit out towards your opponent's head. You'll end in cross-side.

Arm Drag Defense

Let's assume you're inside your opponent's butterfly guard when he attempts to arm drag and transition to your back. He'll take his right hand and cross-grip your right tricep. As he grabs your right tricep, you'll also grab his tricep (essentially a mirror image). As he trys to go to your back, you'll go to his back by pulling on his arm, basing out with your left hand as you work your left leg around to his back.

Immediately grab under his left arm with your left arm to keep him from moveing away from you.

Again, excellent job everyone. Keep up the great work and we'll see you all on the mats tomorrow night!

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