Friday, April 17, 2009

April 16 Class Log: Osoto Gari, Osoto Guruma, Cross-Side Escape


Excellent work on the mats last night! Instructor Scott covered a couple of nice throws (videos shown below) and an escape from the cross-side position. We ended class with several rounds of free-training; a packed class like last night makes for a great workout and the opportunity to practice with many different body types and skill levels.

Here's the rundown in more detail on last night's class:

Osoto Gari (Large Outer Reap) -- I love the "business suit" application

Osoto Guruma (Large Outer Wheel)

Cross-Side Escape from Gable Grip

Instructor Scott covered a nice escape from the cross-side position last night. Remember, your opponent's hand positioning and weight distribution dictates your escape, or combination of escapes. In this case, Scott worked from the "Gable Grip", which is one of the more difficult grips to escape.

With the Gable Grip, your opponent is usually in very tight to your upper body. Your hips are free, but it's difficult to gain proper leverage without the strategic placement of your hands. Your forearm should be placed on your opponent's nearest hip.

Your outside arm should be placed vertically up the middle of the side of your opponent's face. When you bridge into your opponent, that arm extends into your opponent, breaking his skeletal structure and allowing you to escape your hips, trap his leg, build a frame, and replace guard.

Again, excellent work last night! Everyone's game is making steady gains.  

See you all on the mat -- tomorrow afternoon!

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