Sunday, April 12, 2009

Class Log: April 11 -- North/South Escapes, Various Throws


Excellent work on the mats yesterday! We'd also like to welcome Andy, Brian and Grace and thank them for attending class with us this week.

Instructor Scott showed a few ways to escape the North/South position. Remember, when you're on the bottom, don't allow your opponent to establish the "one arm under, one arm over" position while he's on top. This is sure to end with a submission if you're not careful.

Controlling your opponent's hips is a critical element to your escape. If your opponent's head is on your stomach or chest, this is the escape to use.

Work from under your opponent's arms while you're on the bottom and place your hands on his hips. Move yourself away and straighten your arms to establish a strong skeletal structure. Swing your legs from side to side (like you're fish-tailing in a car) and allow the momentum to carry you around so you can trap a leg. From there, you can then work to your opponent's back, or apply a shoulder lock or choke. If you're having trouble catching the foot, simply use your bottom knee to push his leg out some in order to trap the leg.

Let's say your opponent's at the North/South position but this time his head is on the side instead of centered on your chest. The same application is required from the bottom, in that you create space and control his hips. If his head is on your left side, you perform a back roll over your left shoulder and work to take his back. Conversely, If his head is on the right, you roll over your right shoulder. Whichever shoulder you roll over, you want to work to get that same-side foot hooked in first.

Practice both of these escapes extensively, as it's common for an experienced opponent who is in cross-side to transition to your head, then maybe to the other side,  to avoid your escapes.

In addition to the escapes, Instructor Scott reviewed several throws, as demonstrated in the videos below.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday, today. We'll see you all on the mat tomorrow!

O Goshi -- Hip Throw

Koshi Guruma -- Hip Wheel

Ippon Seoi Nage -- One Arm Shoulder Throw 

Ouchi Gari -- Large Inner Reaping

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