Thursday, April 9, 2009

Version 2 Pedro Sauer Association Gis Now Available


Master Sauer has released an updated version of his association gi. It's available for purchase on his website for $120, or about $132 when you factor in sales tax and shipping costs. Click here to go directly to the item. According to the website, version 2 improvements include double-stitching on the patches, a heavier reinforced back patch, and an extra inch of length added to the sleeves.

I just received mine in the mail. I'm about 5'9" and 165 pounds. I normally wear an A2 but I ordered an A3 and it fits perfectly after a wash and dry on high heat. Here's a closer look at the uniform. For the price -- and the fact that it has several patches already sown on it -- I would definitely recommend it.

See you all on the mat -- this evening!

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