Sunday, July 27, 2008

Class Log: July 26 -- Standing Throws, Attacks from the Back


Excellent job on the mats yesterday! Scott covered three throws and three attacks from the back, which are all requirements for the Blue Belt test in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Remember, repetition is key to developing technique, so don't get discouraged if you learned the material for the first time yesterday and felt frustrated. Even veterans, when learning something new, can struggle a bit at first!

The throws Scott covered were O Goshi (large hip throw), Ippon Seoinage (one arm shoulder throw) and the leg throw. Your entry is critical with each throw. Make sure your hips are lower than your opponents and you have the proper grip.

The attacks from the back included the Monte Leon (the lion killer), the Ezequiel choke, and the transition to the straight arm bar. With the Monte Leon, it's essential that your elbow is directly under your opponent's chin.

When performing the ezequiel choke, the wrist of the hand you've placed around the neck should always be straight. Extend your arms away from your attacker instead of "ripping" to the sides.

The transition to the straight arm bar from the back requires you to be perpendicular to your opponent. Use the initial foot on the hip to help accomplish this. The foot of the leg you swing over your opponent's head should also be in tight to your bottom.

Again, great work everyone! We'll see you all on the mat tomorrow evening!

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