Thursday, July 31, 2008

Class Log: July 31 -- Morote Seoi Nage, Sit-up Sweep


Excellent work on the mats tonight! Scott covered a lot of nice technique but the main focus was on two pieces of material required for your Blue Belt exam (for a complete list of this material, look for the link to the right of this page, about mid-way down). They are outlined in two videos below:

Morote Seoi Nage (two arm shoulder throw)

In this video, U.S. Olympic coach and champion Mike Swain demonstrates how to perform this throw. Of course, his technique is second to none.

Sit-up Sweep from Guard

I have a special place in my heart for this particular sweep because it was one of the first sweeps I was able to work in live-time against a resisting opponent. Works well with gi or no-gi. In the attached video, Professor Sauer demonstrates the move with superb precision.

Again, keep the focus on working a technique flawlessly, and slow at first. Build good habits before you increase speed. Rinse and repeat!

See you all on the mat -- this Saturday!

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