Monday, August 4, 2008

2008 No-Gi Worlds: Brimming With Aces


Here's some good information about the upcoming 2008 No-Gi World Championships, courtesy of Gracie Magazine:

No Gi Worlds: brimming with aces

The caliber of competitor signed up calls attention for the for the black belt No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Worlds, which is about to see its second event next weekend, in California, and had sign-ups concluded this Saturday.

The event, which grew by 20% in relation to the number to sign up last year, saw an even greater rise in the level of competitor, even though that cannot be quantified. There are aces at all weights and from a wide range of different academies. From young revelations to veterans. We bring you some of the names as an appetizer for what is to come, with complete coverage on GRACIEMAG.com.

Current world champion team in the gi, Alliance comes in with Rubens Cobrinha, Lucas Lepri, Jeff Glover, Bill Cooper and Tarsis Humphreys, among others.

Gracie Barra responds with a team composed of Gregor Gracie, Roberto Tussa, Fábio Leopoldo, Carlos Holanda, Bruno Mamute, Igor Gracie, Vinicius Draculino and co.

Saulo Ribeiro brings in his own team, along with Paulo Guillobel.

Current absolute champion Jeff Monson is coming back to defend his title.
Recently formed from a branch of Brasa, Check Mat is bringing in such names as Lucas Leite, Bruno Frazatto and Rodrigo Cavaca and Ranieri.

For MMA fans, Hermes Franca will be showing his face, as well as his colleague from the UFC, Joe Stevenson, who will dispute among the brown belts, and he is coming off a submission win over Gleison Tibau at the beginning of July.

Defending last year’s title as well is Pablo Popovitch, who is signed up in the hard to digest medium heavyweight category (last year he took the lightweight).

Antonio Braga Neto, Theodoro Canal, Bruno Bastos, Caio Terra and Roberto Cyborg also figure on the list, which also includes the surprise name of Baret Yoshida, veteran finalist from the ADCC.

Other veterans (going even farther back than Baret) in the competition: Roberto Godói, Lloyd Irvin, Jorge Pereira, and his student Wander Braga.

Did we forget anyone? We may very well have, but the aforementioned list is bound to bring excitement at any event. Stay tuned.

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