Saturday, August 30, 2008

Class Log: Aug. 30 -- Drills, Free Training


Excellent job this afternoon on the mats! We spent the entire class performing drills designed to increase your technical ability, coordination and balance, stamina, as well as polish your skills and muscle memory.

Remember, open mat is at noon tomorrow, and think about carrying over into your free training the drills we covered today, such as:
  • Kimura drill from guard;
  • Triangle to arm bar drill from guard;
  • Knee on the back (your opponent turtles, you switch side-to-side, staying parallel with your opponent's belt)
  • Knee on the belly to arm bar (work this 1-2-3, where 1 and 2 are switches from side-to-side, and on 3, your opponent pushes your knee. Scoop his bicep and switch to arm bar);
  • Open guard replacement (opponent stands above your head, raise and cross your feet at your opponent's hips. Turn your body and end up square with your opponent);
  • Arm bar to arm bar from guard (if your opponent escapes the first arm you attack and postures, hook his head with your foot and arm bar the other side); and
  • Arm bar to omoplata from guard (if your opponent escapes the first arm you attack but stays low, transition into the omoplata).

Remember, all of these drills work the fundamentals, which are essential to building a solid foundation. We ended class with several rounds of free training. Everyone is looking awesome!

See you on the mat -- tomorrow at noon!

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