Thursday, August 21, 2008

Class Log: August 21 -- Attack Combinations from Guard


Great work tonight! We covered several submissions from the guard and learned new ways to apply them in combination. You did excellent on the trigger drills. Remember, expand your vision through repetition. Think of the natural pairing of your basic techniques to understand the bigger picture, such as the arm bar to triangle, triangle to arm bar, sit-up sweep to kimura, guillotine to sit-up sweep...the list goes on and on forever -- that's part of the beauty of jiu-jitsu!

Here's a slideshow of photos from tonight's class:

Remember, although many of us will be at the seminar this Saturday, classes will still be held at their normal time. We'll also post the time for open mat on Sunday once details are confirmed.

Keep up the great work, every one -- see you on the mat!

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