Saturday, August 9, 2008

Class Log: August 9 -- Osoto-Gari, Guard Sweeps


Excellent work on the mats this afternoon! Scott taught the Osoto-Gari throw from standing plus a variation for when the person stiff arms you. He also covered the scissor's sweep from the guard with a cross-collar choke finish from the mount. In addition, the double-ankle grab sweep was shown with the arm-bar variation for when your opponent stiff-arms you as you got to mount.

We ended class with some guard drills, pass and defend. Everyone's game is really stepping up! Keep the focus on solid technique and continue to grow your foundation. Here's a nice video on Osoto-Gari, courtesy of the Camarillo Brothers. It also shows the variation we covered in class and a no-gi application as well.

Here's a video of the scissor's sweep, courtesy of Rodrigo Gracie:

Keep up the great work -- we'll see you all on the mat this Monday!

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