Thursday, July 24, 2008

This Month's Recommended Reading


New month, new book! Think of your training as a college course. You not only want to feed your mind in class but also out of the class. With this in mind, each month we'll share with you a different book that will complement your training.

There are so many books out there on Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Some are better organized and more detailed than others. Here's a book that I've checked out recently and really enjoy. It was recommended to me by our instructor, Scott Smith, and now we'd like to share it with you.

Don't let the word "basic" scare you away from this book. Remember, as a house is only as strong as its foundation, so is your jiu-jitsu. Keep your jiu-jitsu simple and practice the basics repeatedly. You'll be more successful and have a lot more fun...and be a lot less confused on the mat!

Borders sells it for about $20, but I've found used versions online at Amazon for as low as $14. In fact, click here to go directly to Amazon's site and check out the book yourself.

See you on the mat!

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