Friday, September 12, 2008

Class Log: Sept. 11 -- Details on Guard Passing


Nice work on the mats last night. Specific details on guard passing were covered and you should strive to incorporate them into your game. Here are a few of the tips Scott mentioned:

Posture: Be sure that you have a straight spine. Keep your head still as you work to gain leverage.

Pressure: This is critical. Keep pressure on your opponent’s stomach and ankles at all times.

Proper Technique: This comes with repetition. Knee to the middle, slide the other knee out at an angle, and use your hips to break open the feet.

Control the Hips: Once you break open the feet, it’s important to next control your opponent’s hips and neutralize his ability to submit you or re-establish his position.

Weight Application: Sink your hips as you pass to cross-side. Completely immobilize your opponent.

Remember, if your opponent attempts to block your hips as you pass, you can “pop” your hips to make the transition easier, or use your knee (the one on the same side as you’re passing) to remove his hand and ease the transition.

We ended class with several rounds of free training, starting from guard. Keep up the excellent work and we’ll see you on the mat – this Saturday!

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