Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Class Log: Sept. 8 -- Knee on Belly Attacks, O-Goshi, Leg Throw


Excellent work on the mats last night! Scott reviewed two throws (O-Goshi and the Leg Throw, then transitioned to knee on the belly attacks. All material covered in last night's class is required for blue belt (a the full curriculum can be found on the right-hand side of the page).

Specifically, the knee on belly attacks involved the two variations of the arm bar and the cross-collar choke. When you pop-up to knee on belly from the cross-side, control the opponent's arm nearest you with your outside arm.

Slide your hand (thumb out) into the opponent's lapel with the other arm and drop your elbow. If your opponent elbow escapes his hips away from you, work the cross collar choke. If your opponent simply tries to turn away from you, transition into the standard arm bar.

Lastly, if your opponent pushes on the knee you have across his belly, scoop his bicep, spin around him and work the arm bar from the other side.

We ended class with several rounds of free training. Keep up the excellent work, team. We'll see you on the mat -- this Thursday!

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