Saturday, September 20, 2008

Class Log: Sept. 20 -- Throws, Armbar Defense from Guard


Excellent work on the mats this afternoon! We'd like to also congratulate Randy, Deke, Matt, Rob, Shane and Jeff on receiving their first stripes. Much effort and dedication to solid technique is paying off, guys. Keep the focus on polishing your game and the belts and stripes will happen on their own.

Here are several videos of the throws we covered in class today, courtesy of Olympic Judo champion and coach, Mike Swain:

Ippon Seionage (one-arm shoulder throw)

 Morote Seionage (two-arm shoulder throw)

Osoto-Gari (large outer reap throw) -- this is courtesy of Dan Camarillo

Tai Otoshi (side body drop)

Armbar Defense from Guard

In addition, Scott covered an armbar defense from guard that is required for blue belt. Let's assume that your opponent attacks your right arm while you're in his guard. As soon as his leg comes around your head, your free arm (in this case, your left) cups the back of his neck (or grabs the gi behind the neck). The hand of the arm your opponent attacks can also grab the bicep of your free arm.

Keep your opponent's hips off the ground. Prevent him from extending his hips by placing your left knee on the lower part of his back. You want to keep him stacked and negate any of his leverage; stay in tight. Once you've placed your free hand behind his head and your knee on the lower back/hips area, begin to escape the arm that's being attacked.

Do this in short spurts -- never pull away -- and stay in tight to collapse his leverage. Once your elbow has cleared his hips, you're free to pull your arm out. Make sure you stay in tight. Your right arm (the one that was originally being attacked) can now pass around his leg and place your right hand (thumb in) the lapel of your opponent on the opposite side. Work yourself around your opponent by dropping your right hip. Make him feel all of your weight. End in cross-side.

Remember the details and work this move repetitiously.

Keep up the good work everyone. Congratulations to those who earned stripes today, too -- there's no turning back now, guys!

See you on the mat -- tomorrow at 12:30 p.m.!

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