Saturday, September 27, 2008

Open Mat Tomorrow at Noon


Excellent work today! Scott covered O Goshi (large hip throw) and Koshi Guruma (hip wheel) as part of the stand-up portion of class. We then transitioned to the ground where he covered three mount escapes -- standard upa, the escape for when your opponent bases out wide with his hands, and an escape for when your opponent straightens their back and sits up while mounted.

For the blue belts and above, Scott continued the half-guard series by covering a sweep plus a variation.

Let's all push hard to get the details down on these techniques.

You'll have another opportunity to do this tomorrow, Sunday, at open mat. Starting at noon, every one is welcome to come into the Academy and work technique, practice their throws, or just train.

To make the most out of your time, however, we recommend having a game plan. Instead of working 20-30 techniques once, work one to five moves several times. Repetition is the mother to all skill.

Keep up the great work, team. We'll see you all on the mat -- tomorrow at noon!

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