Friday, December 12, 2008

Class Log: Dec. 11 -- Cross-Side Escapes, Single Leg to Ankle Pick Takedown Combination


Great work on the mats last night! It was a pleasure to work with each of you on perfecting the two cross-side escapes (guard recovery and to the knees) required for blue belt, in addition to the single leg and ankle pick takedown combinations. Remember, you must not only attack by combination on the ground, but also standing up, whether you're trying to bring the fight to the ground or striking your opponent.

In addition, remember your "survival" position on the bottom in cross-side. Where are your hands placed? How best can you gain leverage and utilize the bridge and hip escape? Where are your opponent's hands...are your hips blocked or free? Is your opponent cross-facing you?

These are all things to consider while you attempt to work an escape, prevent getting submitted and your opponent from upgrading his position by mounting you.

See you all on the mat -- tomorrow afternoon!

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