Saturday, December 20, 2008

Class Log for Dec. 20, Open Mat Tomorrow at Noon (Dec. 21)


Great work on the mats this afternoon! We want to congratulate those who were awarded stripes today.
It's something to celebrate, and they're like mini-markers along the way in your jiu-jitsu journey. At the same time, don't worry too much about rank.

As Scott said, always be a white belt, even at blue, purple, brown and black. Keep the enthusiasm and the fire inside burning strong. Never close your mind or think that you've learned enough. Complacency in any venture will lead you off the path.

During class today, we went into additional detail on a Koshi Guruma (hip wheel) and Ouchi-Gari (large inner reap). Below are some videos of these throws in action:

In addition, Scott covered a few escapes for when your opponent is on your back. Remember to protect your neck. Fall to the side opposite of the arm that's coming around your neck (think finger point). Straighten your leg to help remove the hook and kill the leg. Move your hips away from your opponent as you block the far knee from the mount. 

Let's say your opponent does in fact get a hand worked into your lapel. Remember to look toward the bicep of the arm around your neck and work to prevent your opponent from gaining access to the other side of your lapel from under your other arm.
If you do fall to the wrong side and your opponent is getting close to choking you, remember to grab the elbow of the arm around your neck and move your body down so that your head is touching the mat...make sure to keep it there, too! Then, work the escape as you normally would. 

Again, great work on the mats today! Open mat is tomorrow at noon. Come ready to train and work hard!

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