Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gracie Insider: Technique of the Month - Triangle Shoulder Walk


Great work on the mats tonight! It was a loaded class and we focused on tournament preparation with a slew of drills and positional training. We'd like to wish all our competitors luck on Saturday. Again, we will not have group classes on Saturday so we can all attend the tournament and support the team.

If you're not competing but would like to come out and watch, it's going to be held at Taylorsville Elementary School in Spencer County (see below for a map). It's a $5 admission but well worth the price, considering we have a whole team that's competing! You can find more information on the tournament at http://www.kybjj.com/.

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In addition to Saturday's excitement, we plan to hold an open mat on Sunday at noon for all registered students of the Academy. Come with a game plan and be ready to train!

Here are the Gracie Brothers' Technique of the month. It's very relevant, since we've covered this in class time and time again, including this evening. Very effective technique! See you all at the tournament!

See you all at the tournament!

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  1. Good Luck to everyone at the tourament!