Saturday, December 13, 2008

Class Log: Dec. 13 -- Cross-Side Escapes Revisited, D'arce Choke


Great work this afternoon. After reviewing the leg throw to ankle pick takedown (and transitioning to the triangle if you get the stiff arm) we covered the specific details of two common cross-side escapes and transitioned into the D'arce choke.

Per Gracie Magazine:

The D'Arce choke is similar to the Anaconda choke. The difference being that the choking arm is thread under the near arm, in front of the opponent's neck, and on top of the far arm. The choke gets its name from Joe D'Arce, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Renzo Gracie. Though not the inventor of the choke, D'Arce performed this choke often and with great success in many Jiu Jitsu and submission grappling tournaments. Another name for this choke is the Brabo choke.

Remember, when escaping the cross-side, watch your top arm. If your opponent begins to hook under it with his arm, trap it with your elbow. For instance, if your escaping the cross-side and your opponent is on your right side, your top arm (or left one) will be attacked. As your opponent feeds his arm through, hug his arm with your left elbow and grab his wrist with your left hand.

This is illustrated in the following video we produced after the training camp. Master Sauer works the choke at :07, and the defenses at :11, :17, and :20.

Work these into your game! It's a common choke, and one that is a threat whether you're training gi or no-gi.


Open mat will be held at noon tomorrow for all registered students of Spencer County Martial Arts. Come ready to train hard!

See you on the mat!

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